Coming Soon - Fall 2024 - Reaching the Next Generations


Our Education Program is the upcoming addition to the ReelTime Animal Rescue platform: tailored for K-12 students both Stateside and Globally. Our mission is to nurture a deep bond between humanity and the animal kingdom, and with this new initiative, we aim to take a giant leap forward. Here's a glimpse of how this program will unfold:

  • Stateside K-12 Integration: Collaborate with local schools across the U.S. to integrate our educational content, ensuring students gain a comprehensive understanding of conservation principles.
  • Global Reach: Beyond the U.S., our platform will be made accessible to schools and educational institutions worldwide. Our goal is to ensure that every young adult, no matter where they are, can connect with nature and understand the importance of conserving it.
  • Interactive Learning Modules: Our team is developing engaging, interactive modules that will captivate young minds, fostering a genuine interest in wildlife conservation.
  • Community Engagement: We believe in the power of community. Hence, we will organize community events, workshops, and seminars where students, educators, and conservationists can come together to discuss, learn, and share their experiences.

Join us in our journey to educate the next generation, instilling in them a lasting conservation ethic and a profound connection with nature and the animal kingdom.

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