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Our Mission

To protect animals in crisis and improve wildlife conditions by funding projects helmed by their guardians on-the-ground. We place a lens on the importance of interdependency between animals and local communities. Through funding short and long-range projects, community involvement and educational programs, social impact initiatives with sustainability measures that increase the survival rates for all.

About Us

We learned very quickly that in order to protect further extinction of endangered wildlife in Africa, we must find programs and initiatives that benefit both wildlife and the communities they impact.

We share this planet with all its wildlife and it's on human-kind to find a way to do this harmoniously. This is why we seek out, fund and mentor local initiatives that are often outside the focus of larger wildlife organizations, and who are too often overlooked. Our experience has shown us that these community projects, improve conditions for the villagers and endangered species fairly rapidly, promoting good-will for each other and often neighboring communities. This ensures project success, which leads to more opportunities for the initiatives that are impactful, but too often not provided the same financial ground cover.

We believe in the power of a common goal, and we endeavor to connect nonprofits with each other, and to communities that are aligned with their mandates to form a global conservation community. We aim to lower the self-imposed walls that exist between NGO’s with synergistic mission statements, and unite us to focus in solving these critical issues together.

The mission of ReelTime Animal Rescue is to promote animal wellness, provide education, and establish a funding channel for caregivers and organizations on the front lines of animal cruelty, wildlife rehabilitation and placement. Over And Above Africa receives 100% of the funds you donate to our organization via our direct donation link here:

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