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Dedicated to saving the Critically Endangered Newfoundland Pony...
Preserving the future, one Newfoundland Pony at a time.
The critically endangered Newfoundland Pony; less than 500 left in the world with 250 left of breeding age. Around 50 are in the USA. Only 10 to 20 foals are born yearly, worldwide.

About Us

Newfoundland Pony Conservancy is a volunteer-based organization. We are proud to say we have made a difference, starting out in a time when the pony was relatively unknown, wrongly considered a "mutt", and a nuisance. What you have in the Newfoundland Pony is unique, not only to North America, but to the world. We educate globally while reaching out beyond the horse world bringing awareness to the plight of this breed to the public. Even with so few ponies left on the planet, many times we have trouble finding them homes because they aren't a household name or a fad breed. Over time, we have shown people what they are by highlighting their unique temperament. When interest in the breed grew, we then faced other struggles to keep the pony from being "improved" to meet the market for financial reasons. We succeeded in helping to thwart that, for now, and pointed the pony down the path of preservation versus becoming a whole new animal, truly rendering the real Newfoundland Pony extinct. We offer innovative programs and events, inspiring people new to the breed to do the same. Our focus is the traditional pony and always has been. Our focus has always been to revive the population in its native land, the island of Newfoundland. It was, after all, the rugged, harsh environment of that island, located many miles out to sea off the east coast of Canada, that made this pony what it is today.

The mission of ReelTime Animal Rescue is to promote animal wellness, provide education, and establish a funding channel for caregivers and organizations on the front lines of animal cruelty, wildlife rehabilitation and placement. The Newfoundland Pony Conservancy Center receives 100% of the funds you donate to our organization via our direct donation link here:

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