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Our Mission

To take in and nurture for life critters that are unwanted, abandoned, or need rehoming. Our mission is to strengthen the bond between humans and animals.

About Us

Goats With Horns is a small farm animal sanctuary located in Gilbert, Arizona. We provide shelter, love, food, and enrichment to all the critters in our care. Our animals have a dedicated veterinarian and have bi annual hoof trims and checkups, along with any other veterinary care as needed. We do not take lightly the intake of any animal that needs our help. We ask that whoever is giving up an animal for whatever reason make a lifelong commitment of some form for the ongoing care of that animal. We do not buy or sell any animals.

We have over 60 animals in our care including goats, cows, sheep, pot bellied pigs, ducks, chickens, turkeys, tortoises, feral cats, domestic cats and a dog. We educate on the truth about factory farms along with promoting a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. We believe all humans and animals have the right to live their life free from fear and harm.

The mission of ReelTime Animal Rescue is to promote animal wellness, provide education, and establish a funding channel for caregivers and organizations on the front lines of animal cruelty, wildlife rehabilitation and placement. Goats with Horns Animal Sanctuary receives 100% of the funds you donate to our organization via our direct donation link here:

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52 E Harrison Street
Gilbert, AZ
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